We are a team of Architects and Engineers working in Re-building Nepal
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Safe, Permanent, Earthquake Resilient, Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Cost Effective Building System for POST DISASTER Reconstruction in NEPAL
GARS GARSB earthquake green disaster cost AIT habitech building system low aesthetic vernacular plan
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1. The Evaluation Criterion system The scores of the works are calculated on several fronts, including ikuku users’ ELO rating, Internet IP click rate, ‘like’ click rate, user professional review, etc. The comprehensive score will be adjusted according to the credibility of various aspects(Authorized by the judges determine). If there were a malicious operation (like impersonal operation), the exception section would be recalculated at any time, therefor, there are great changes of the ranking in a short time at first few days. With growth time, will gradually establish the credibility of the users. Intentionally manipulating will be difficult,and the ranking won’t be easily changed.  2. About the ELO rating system Formula: Rn=Ro+K*(W-We)  (1) Rn&Ro: Respectively represent the originalscore and the score after comparison, Which means after a round of comparison, the ELO rating increase by K*(W-We). (2) W: The result of the match, 1 for win, 0 for lost. (3) We: The expected result, determined by the difference between the two ELO rating. (4) K: Relocation factor, depending on the credibility of the user.  ELO rating basis from the comparison of two different works, every time every vote is recorded .If the two works were compared already , repeat selection won’t be counted.  We will adjust everyone’s weight value(K value, the default is 16) of voting, after comparing each person’s vote ranking results and the total ranking results. And the more unanimous the total ranking is the higher the weight value will be. If there is a malicious voting, its weight value becomes zero (K = 0).  We will publish the Ballot results of the finalists. Malicious vote can be reported to us, welcome guidance and supervision.  3. About the: ‘like’click rate Since the ‘like’ click rate is go on record,the ‘likes’ from IKUKU famous users(chronological table on the right side of the first page of ) would multiply the comprehensive scores.  4. About comments The quality of the comments is more important than the quantity.  5. About credibility According to the statements above, to select the most convincing projects, ikuku users are encouraged to try to maintain an attitude of fairness while voting or promoting your own works. Meanwhile, your positive actions are increasing your credibility which directly affect the rank of your own work as time goes by.  Case1. Some users only vote to their own work (this means that the quantity is insufficient) without voting to any other projects (this means that the quality is insufficient).In accordance with the analysis of credibility (In this case your vote has no similarity with the final ranking results), this behavior leads your user account to zero-credibility. As time goes by, when the users’ final points are about to be accumulated, their votes will be completely invalid.  Case2. Some users indeed vote fairly to the projects which are posted randomly (this means that the quantity is sufficient) and in normal cases they submit support voting to projects with a higher grade (this means that the quality is sufficient) .In this case every voting they submit counts. As time goes by, their credibility is increasing at the same time.  English voting website:
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分数是迭代的,并且欢迎举报恶意操纵人,见我们的排名声明 :)  关于【尼泊尔-西藏地震全球建筑师灾后重建设计方案紧急援助活动】竞赛网络排名的声明  一、关于作品分数算法 作品分数算法由若干维度综合计算得出,包括ikuku用户elo积分、互联网IP点击率、ikuku用户点赞率、ikuku用户专业评论等。各个维度的排名综合分会根据各个维度的可信度进行调整 (由评委全权决定)。如果出现恶意操作(如非人工等)异常部分的积分将会被随时重新计算,因此会出现开始几天排名短时间内出现较大变化的情况,随着时间增长,用户的可信度会慢慢建立,故意操纵排名难度会越来越大,很难短时间内改变排名。  二、关于elo积分  公式 Rn=Ro+K*(W-We) 作如下解释: (1) Rn和Ro:分别代表比较前和比较后的等级分,即一局比较后,等级分增长K*(W-We)。等级分的增长是可正可负的,被选作品等级分会增加,落败会减少。 (2) W:比赛结果,胜为1,负为0 (3) We:预期结果,由比较前双方等级分的差而决定。 (4) K:浮动系数,这个值应该视用户的可信度而定。  作品分数算法中,elo积分的依据来自每次两个不同作品的比较,每一次投票比较都会被记录。当用户再次对已经比较过的两个作品进行投票,积分只会被计算一次。 每个人的投票排名结果与总排名结果进行比较而调整每个人投票权重(K值,默认为16),与总排名越相似权重越高,如出现恶意投票,其投票权重为零即K=0。 关于恶意投票,我们届时会公布入围作品的投票比较记录,欢迎大家监督,如果用户认为是恶意投票可向我们举报。   三、关于点赞数 由于点赞也是被记录的,获得ikuku年代人物列表点赞的数量会大大增加其作品的综合分。  四、关于评论 评论的质量比评论的数量更加重要。  五、可信度 基于上面的声明,用户在投票及推广自己的作品的时候尽量保持公正态度为这次竞赛选取让大家信服的作品,你的这种正能力行为其实也在为你自己的可信度加分,随着时间推移你的可信度会直接影响你的作品排名。 案例一:某些用户只是给自己的作品进行排名(作品数量不够),没有进行任何其他作品的公正的排名(没有质量)。根据可信度分析(你的投票排名与最终所有作品投票排名几乎没有任何相似性)这种行为最终会让你的可信度降到几乎为零,随着时间推移,在最终积分叠加的时候,只能造成你的投票完全失效。 案例二:某些用户真正是根据随机出现的作品进行排名(达到一定的作品数量),并且他的投票一般情况下分数高的作品会赢分数低的作品(达到投票的质量),那么他对每一个作品的排名都会作为权重叠加到最终作品的排名里面。随着时间推移,其可信度会增加。
2015-7-11 发布了新的 [方案] GARS-GARSB
Safe, Permanent, Earthquake Resilient, Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Cost Effective Building System for POST DISASTER Reconstruction in NEPAL……
Indeco 回复 Timeless: Yes! in local vernacular style and flexible enough to be made in any region of Nepal!
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Timeless: Building in Nepal local architectural style!
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