Stan Zhang
M.Arch, Kengo Kuma Laboratory, the University of Tokyo
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In the past shelters, fast production and comfortable living condition can’t always be approached at the same time. In this refugee shelter design, the new CNC milling technology is used to help solve this problem. The 5’ by 10’ size plywood panel is cut into well designed and universal components, which can be applied to different parts of each shelters, and can even form different types of buildings as well. In this shelter, all parts are made by plywood to achieve “Zero Bolts”, so that it is extremely easy for each family to build their own shelters in 1-2 days by themselves without any heavy machines, just like playing with jigsaw puzzles. The basic aspects such as sanitation, water collection, climatic insulation, interior ventilation are well designed in this design through the thorough design of components. Meanwhile, the local traditional lifestyle and building style are considered to provide a comfortable living condition for refugees to recover both physically and psychologically.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Shelter
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