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周文君整合设计作品——《SO SOf..t, STILL STEEL》
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周文君整合设计作品——《SO SOf..t, STILL STEEL》
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周文君整合设计作品 《SO SOf..t, STILL STEEL》

ZHOU Wenjun Design Works: SO SOf..t, STILL STEEL
Design Director:ZHOU WENJUN
Design Company:524 Studio | www.5-2-4.com
Area:1200 square meters

Design Scopes: architectural renovation, overall interior design, product design, brand logo and visual identity system design.

“Bu Bu Gao” mean “Step Step Rise”, a fashion shoes flagship store with 20 years old, asked us for an innovative redesign of a state of the art shopping space to attract customers and effectively alleviate the impact from on-line sellers. Therefore, we helped to deliver a comprehensive design to completely upgrade the image of this 1000m2 store, including: architectural renovation, overall interior design, product design, brand logo and visual identity system design.

We dismantled the original stairs, filled the hole where the old stairs located, and connected the floor. The new, novelly designed stairs rooted at a different location on the floor. We sculptured a soft and flowing handrail with hard seamless brushed stainless steel in 3D print models and manual sculpture way. It is the world’s first and unique handrail that grows up gradually from the ground, which guides people up to the stairs step by step. This highlights the meaning of the store’s name “Step Step Rise”. We installed a flowing smooth mirror on the other side of the stairs, so that the stairs and the handrail look twice wider in people’s eyes.

Using similar techniques, we contemplated other soft-looking facilities, such as the pillars, the façade, the vases, and the checkout counters. Firstly, we sculptured some small size models by hands. At the same time, we created the 3D digital models by software and did some additional modifications. After that, some resin models will be printed out in 3D form, and then partitioned and enlarged, which are used to make the stainless steel parts. We had those different steel parts welded together, and smoothened away the welding lines, thus 12 stainless steel pillars were produced. The shape of every pillar is different from the others. However, we can separate those into two types: the curvy brushed ones and the flowing layered ones. We welded steel mirrors on two of the curvy brushed pillars to add a sense of fun and interact with the customers. At the bottom of two flowing-layered pillars, we designed two bulge annulus seats to serve customers who need to take a break or try shoes on. There are some other pillars that certain parts of them can be opened. Those are used for storage of fire hydrants. In addition, we chose some of the models to print them out as vases, and asked the craftsmen to make more copies. The façade and the checkout counters were constructed in the similar way, whose shape echoed that of the handrail.

In order to emphasize the main theme of the store, we sculptured some huge shoes jumped up and kicked into the wall. Some models made from real shoes went into the ceiling. Under the lights, these shoes bring people a lot of fun as well as express the good wishes of “rise step by step”.

The 3-character idiom “步步高(Bu Bu Gao)” stands for “step, step, rise”. In Chinese, it’s a blessing to wish people to make achievements step by step. It perfectly matches a shoes store, so we tried our best to highlight this beautiful logo. In the logo, we fused the Chinese name “步步高” into its English initials BBG, and we used the images of four shoes as strokes of characters.

The main material used in the whole design is stainless steel. The final products are integral and seamless. All the steel sculptures except their mirror parts have brushed matt finishes, which avoid mass reflection and fingerprints.

Stainless steel is very hard and has strong supporting power. However, in this design, it appears in a soft stretch tone. It’s so soft, but it’s still steel.

周文君先生带领他的524设计机构,凭借这个项目一举拿下意大利A’Design Awards国际设计奖中的主要领域,建筑空间设计、品牌形象设计、产品设计三方面大奖,也许是迄今为止首个用一个项目就同时获得了三个不同设计领域大奖的设计作品,其难度可以媲美奥斯卡奖,凭借一个电影,同时拿到最佳导演、最佳影片、最佳演员几个重要奖项。
















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