FLEXHOME - emergency shelter
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FLEXHOME, is a folding modular home, of quick to assemble, lightweight and easy to transport useful in emergencies as a temporary home because it has a lightweight and foldable structure, which makes it stackable and easy to carry in large amounts and being able to lift refugee camps in minutes, since you only need 1 or 2 people to assemble the house in less than 10 minutes.

This house is inspired in tent camping and the mobile homes. FLEXHOME is a lightweight structure with wheels that allows it to be easily transported and assembled in minutes.


It consists of 75% fabric and 25% aluminum, polycarbonate and chipboard wood.

The house is designed based on fabric modules attached to aluminum frames allowing be folded horizontally pulling the sides, thus avoiding the use of any specialized machine.


The wheels allow isolating the house of the soil making the air circulate underneath avoiding moisture problems and possible diseases that may contain the ground.


The space is designed to function as a temporary home, but thanks to its modularity and flexibility can function as, hospital, school or other function, FLEXHOME also has the versatility of a mobile home but with the lightness of a tent camping, for what it can be transported or towed by an alone person in bicycle

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