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The overall design of the assembly of shelters clues from elements of the everyday Nepalese environment such as the architecture and its national flower, the Rhododendron, as previously mentioned. 

One of the key features of the shelter is its ability to connect with up to 5  similar structures. This creates an ensemble which can accomodate larger families whilst still keeping the flexible design of its singular counterpart.

Being able to connect a number of the habitats together brings large family members together and can be of psychological help during these challenging times. 

The temporary dwelling is designed  to be folded and expanded to accomodate 1 adult and 2 children or 2 adults. The structure consists of 3 main facades, all of which has transparent membranes for exterior visibility, once in its opened state. 

The flooring has two layers of fabric which had to ability to contain rain water which is collected via the main support frame, as illustrated.  This will also act as an insulating layer for the users.To adapt to the uneven nature of the terrain, the three poles are fitted with adjustable structures to allow for a flexible and modular design. The part of the structure containing its residents is thus elevated to protect its users from the the prevailing weather conditions, such as rain, mud and rodents.

The design of the refuge allows for a good natural air flow which will naturally cool the living environment. The refuge is predominantly made recycled polyester which can be coloured and transparent polyester for the main entrance and windows. The openings and facades are equiped with zip fasteners for access inside the shelter, and to allow for multiple shelters to combine, especially to accomodate for larger families. 

Due to its excellent bearing properties, the main frames of the dwelling is made out of recycled anodised aluminium alloy.The flooring of the structure consists of a nylon-polyester composite fabric which allows for a stretchable element when being used.  This dual layer membrane is also home for the water storage which is entirely waterproof. The flooring is the reinforced by seatbelt material for additional strentch and structure.

Vipin Dhunnoo 回复 豌豆林: Hi thank you for the reply, the height of the interior is about 900mm max. Should be fine for people to climb in :)
Vipin Dhunnoo 回复 leapp: Thank you very much :)
leapp: very good
豌豆林: 很棒的设计,请问室内外高差是多少?人怎么爬上去
Vipin Dhunnoo 回复 油腻少年siva: Thanks for the feedback, I i get chosen I will definitely improve the design :) Thanks again.
油腻少年siva: 虽然是英文的,看不太懂,但是感觉设计还是很用心的,很多细节画的很详细。可以再深入考虑下,如何让生产工艺更简单,这样更方便量产。
Vipin Dhunnoo 回复 密斯控: Many thanks!
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Vipin Dhunnoo
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Vipin Dhunnoo
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