M+办公空间改造 M+ office space transformation
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The trace from the time forcing to the substance, presenting a kind of poetry of time, could be reserved in the process of space reconstruction; become a kind of treasure of memory; at same time could leave out the resource waste of large area space renewing.

M+ series办公室新址位于杭州市留下镇某厂区内。本厂房的改造,将办公的功能区划有机组织到巴西利卡的原型空间中去,用寝殿造的空间分隔方式,划分不同等级的公共和私密空间范围,让不同性质的功能空间共同营造成为一个“教堂”中的家园.

The new office of M+ series locates in a factory area in Liuxia town of Hangzhou. This project of factory transformation, organizes the office function into the basilica space; using the division way of Shinden-zukuri, divides the public and private space in different hierarchies. The different functional spaces construct the homeland in “church”.


The aim of the project of factory transformation is to offer a homeland in spiritual space, mold the sense of belonging, and build a garden to relax and rest, enjoy the recreation in creation.



As urban public space, the big steps, is not only the connected nod of traffic, but also the urban stage of city events, the initiator of watching and being watched. In the fashion show and exhibition, the big steps could be the runway and display space.



Screens and walls divide different people, different behaviors, and different landscape environment, into single small worlds, mutual correlative and independent, similar but entirely different. It is fit to the contemporary office activities, the separative and associated relationship in between the different functional departments. 



The central axis is the main clue of the space narration of the factory transformation: the wood floor at entrance is to meet and guide,  like the red carpet; the long table presents the publicity and democracy of the space; the big steps is the space of exhibition and performance; the platform on second floor as the open office of marketing department; upstairs is the office of general manager, also the focus and climax of the space narration; through the bridge over the storage, there is a teahouse like backyard garden, the scenery of  luxuriant green outside as the evocative ending of the whole narration. 


地点:浙江 杭州

设计团队:许义兴 薛珊珊


摄影师: 由M+提供


Architects: AYAARCH

Location:   Beijing

Design team: Xu Yixing,  Xue Shanshan

Project Year: 2014

Photographs:from M+ 

功能/program: 办公建筑 办公楼
材料/material: 木材
高度分类/height cat.: 低层建筑
是否公共/is public: 未知
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